Race for Education

Bounce Obstacle Course

Mrs. Hoke getting into the fun.

Not sure who had more fun...kids or teachers?

Thank you, PTO for a great reward!

Maryland Science Center Assembly

Many cool experiments!

First Grade in Applied Engineering

Exloring different textures to make the truck stop.

First grade drew pictures 

and described a monster.

PMHS students created

monsters for them.

Smiles all around!

Field Trips!!!

Disecting owl pellets...

...gross and fascinating!

Grade 4 Jr. Envirothon Teams

Team 1:  Dominant Lemons

Cortlyn Gerlach, Tyler Eshelman, Piper Ferre, Emma Weaver, Abigail Davis

Team 2:  The Predators

Kara Becker, Obsinan Tesfaye, Madison Smith, Arabella Bowers, Celia Domanico

Team 3:  Bobastic Kangaroos

Sajna Gautam, Jackson Byers, Lyra Godwin, Lillian Snyder, Abigail Lowe

Third Place Team in the Lancaster County Jr. Envirothon

Obsinan Tesfaye

Celia Domanico

Kara Becker

Bella Bowers

Maddie Smith

Advisors:  Mrs. Katie Harnish and Mr. Brad Showalter

Fine Arts Day 2023

Thank your to Mrs. Smith for coordinating this very special day for our students.  Students had the opportunity to see artists of all kinds throughout the day...origami, quilting, painting, cookie and cupcake decorating, tap, ballet, and hip hop dancing and SO much more.  Here are just a few pictures from the day.

Happy Nurse Appreciation Day!

We greatly appreciate our team of nurses: 

Jess Rodriguez, Candi Sing, and Meghan Minnich

Comet Adventures

May 9th was a fun day with all seven schools getting together to share the student research presentations.  Here is a link to the photos from today of our Grade 3-4 Comet Adventures.

May 10th was the day for our district-wide National Parks and European travel presentations.  We spent a great deal of time this year working on our National Parks research and making the presentation displays.  Hambright students spent the days with students from the other elementary schools.

The students spent time in four rotations:

Students had the opportunity to eat lunch and spend recess time with new friends.  At the end of the day, most students took their projects with them so be on the lookout for a large copy paper box.

Here is the link to the photos from the day:  PHOTOS

Outdoor Spring Choral Concert

Thank you to Mrs. Brubaker for organizing our Spring Concert last evening.  The crowd was HUGE and the performance was remarkable!  Thank you to all of the families that joined us for this event.

April Leaders of the Month

Today during our WING Assemblies, we celebrated our April Leaders of the Month.  With just one month to go, we reminded students of the expected behaviors in class, at recess, in the cafeteria, and on the bus.

Nolan Bridge

Miss Myer, AM Kindergarten

Jackie Falstick

Miss Rivera, PM Kindergarten

Jaxon Wenzel, 1 Suter

Leah Koenig, 1 Adams

Alex Landis, 2 Rook

Lincoln Wenzel, 2 Corrado

Grace Legutko, 3 Smith/Brighter

Nathan Tesfaye, 3 Gilbert

Ellie Yang, 4 Showalter

Alisha Biswa, 4 Gaston

Nishika Subedi, 5 Plumbo/Martin

Zak Holbein, 5 Martin/Plumbo

Dipesh Magar, 6 Bock

Chloe Barrow, 6 Bock

Not pictured:  Ella Conroy, 5 Ayer/Brubaker

Today we celebrate our Lunch Heroes!

This amazing group of ladies makes sure our students have high quality and healthy meals each day.  Thank you ladies for your hard work!

Soaring into 2nd Grade

Last week, our AST teachers and Grade 1 teachers hosted first graders and their families to share activities to work on over the summer to help prepare them for 2nd Grade.

March Leaders of the Month

During our Wing Assemblies on Monday, April 3rd we celebrated our March Leaders of the Month. 

Mr. Howe and Mrs. Eachus encouraged students to show perseverance and stay motivated to finish the year strong. We also shared some Bright Spots written by students to recognize peers and teachers.

Aliza May Duke

Ms. Rivera, AM Kindergarten

Trinity Rosa Lopez

Miss Myer, PM Kindergarten

Aiden Romero, 1 Appel

Nyla Dixon, 1 Hufford

Norah Turner, 2 Corrado

Jay Garcia, 2 Breneman

Alexis Frymyer, 2 Rook

Lilah Pohle, 3 Smith

Rujal Budathoki, 4 Groff

Astrin Magar, 4 Gaston

Mahlet Molla, 3 Bittenbender

Kriti Dhimal, 6 Shope

Jais Bryant, 6 Miller

Dillon Walters, 5 Ballard

Ella Conroy, 5 Ayer

English Learners Experience an Egg Hunt

Ms. Cox and Ms. Nissley brought our EL learners together with Manor Middle School students to experience an academic Egg Hunt.

March Mentor Event

Bluebird Boxes Installed

Jeff Musser, the environment field manager at LCSWMA, donated 4 bluebird houses, poles, and hardware so they could be enjoyed on our campus.  Yesterday they were installed along the west sidewalk near the 3/4, 5/6 courtyard and near the walking path by the field row of trees.  The nesting boxes are paired back-to-back to limit competition with tree swallows. Keep your eyes open for activity in the upcoming weeks, but please encourage your students/children not to disturb the boxes or poles.  Thank you, Mr. Andrew for installing them!


Thank you Mrs. Painter and @PMEDFoundation for bringing Jonathan Stutzman and Heather Fox to Hambright today.  

The kids and staff loved it!  "I AM LLAMA!" 

Happy Birthday to the Hambright Garden!

On Wednesday our HB Families created posted to show the many reasons the garden will be beneficial to us all.

On Thursday, we celebrated the garden as a whole school with an assembly and the Bucket Brigade where each class filled the raised beds with top soil and compost.  Stay tuned...

6th Grade 

Ellis Island Simulation

On Wednesday our HB Families created posted to show the many reasons the garden will be beneficial to us all.

On Thursday, we celebrated the garden as a whole school.

Exciting things are happening...

The soil and mulch have arrived.  On March 16th we will celebrate our garden's birthday with a Bucket Brigade.  All students will help to fill the 16 raised beds to prepare for planting.  Thank you to the team of teachers and parents who are working to make this garden a reality.  

4th Grade Envirothon

Mrs. Harnish is making the kids walk around like birds so they can learn new vocabulary words.  Each bird walks and flies differently!

Waxing and Waning?

Today Mrs. Harnish taught students about the phases of the moon.  Mr. Showalter was exploring states of matter with chocolate, crayons, and tooth paste.  

Ask a 4th grader:  What state is toothpaste?  Solid or a liquid?

                                    Mrs. Eachus learned something new today!

Crazy Hair Day

Lots of wacky hair styles were all over the building for this month's Spirit Day.

February Leaders of the Month

During our Wing Assemblies on Friday, March 3rd we celebrated our February Leaders of the Month. 

We also talked about people who are in the the building and community to keep us safe, expectations at breakfast, and shared some Bright Spots written by students to recognize peers and teachers.

Kindergarten AM

Braelynn Barnes, Miss Myer

Kindergarten PM

Camila Castor Maldonado, 

Miss Rivera

Grades 1 and 2

Brynn Reinhart, Mrs. Adams

Johanan Tegegne, Miss Suter

Damion Kauffman, Mrs. Adair

Brooklyn Davis, Mrs. Breneman

Grades 3 and 4

Victoria Velez, Ms. Gilbert

Lydia Rivera, Mrs. Smith

Bella Bowers, Mr. Showalter

Hailey Enterline, Mrs. Harnish

Lyra Godwin, Mrs. Groff for Art w/Mrs. Wigerman

Ellie Yang, Mr. Showalter for Applied Engineering w/Mr. Andrew

Grade 5 and 6

Dylan Griffith, Mrs. Martin

Michael Santiago, Mrs. Martin

Nya Claudio, Mrs. Tercha

Hunter Strine, Mrs. Tercha

Read Across America Day!



Hambright Elementary School has been chosen as the 2023 Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators’ MWEE School of Excellence Award winner.  This award recognizes a school with outstanding implementation of all four essential elements of the Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE) by a PreK-12 school or district in Pennsylvania.  

Thank you to all of our teachers who are committed to these environmental endeavors!

Awesome Activity Day at Hambright!

Penn Manor Readathon

K, 1, and 2 students listened to stories and participated in activities with students from Penn Manor High School.  Our next event will be on March 2nd, 3:30-4:30 for students in K, 1, 2nd grades.

Hambright's Trout are Growing

These fingerlings can be found in our 3/4 Commons.

February Mentor Program

We are 100 days smarter!!!

January Leaders of the Month

During our Wing Assemblies on Friday, February 3rd, we celebrated our January Leaders of the Month. 

We also reviewed being a good friend, taking care of our surroundings, being respectful to our friends and ALL adults in the building, breakfast expectations, and using our manners.  In 5th and 6th grade, we also reviewed cellphone expectations.  Cellphones may not be out during the school day.

Avery Dyson

Miss Myer, Kindergarten

Cillian Sweeney

Miss Rivera, Kindergarten

Morgan Sweigart

Mrs. Hoke, 2nd grade

Kellan Sweigart

Mrs. Appel, 1st grade

Lily Dutton

Mrs. Bittenbender, 3rd Grade

Jaylia DeJesus

Mrs. Groff, 4th Grade

Jarianys Velez, Mr. Ballard, 5th Grade

Jervar Bell, Mr. Ballard, 5th Grade

Kerrianna Gonzalez, Mrs.Tercha, 6th Grade

Cooper Hudson

Mrs. Tercha, 6th Grade

Bumblebee Coding Lesson

Christian and Scarlett during their coding lesson led by Judy Keller, Technology Training Specialist.   Judy Keller incorporated math, science, social studies, language arts and music (!!!) in this one coding lesson.  Christian had just discovered that he could code his bumblebee to do the "griddy" dance, and was ecstatic.  

Storytime with Mr. Howe

Mrs. Adams's first grade class has been working hard and earned a reward of having Mr. Howe read a story to the class.  He chose to read , One, by Kathryn Otoshi.  Keep it up!

Games and Snacks with Mrs. Eachus

Students from Mrs. Smith's 3rd grade earned games and snack time with Mrs. Eachus.  So proud of your hard work in class!

4H - VR Trip to Antarctica

Mrs. Harnish and Mrs. Keller took the class on a virtual tour of Antarctica with pictures from her recent trip.

Dr. Gale Visits Hambright

Dr. Gale, PM Superintendent, enjoyed visiting many classrooms during his visit to Hambright.  

6th Grade Spy Lab

As the culminating activity for our spy unit ( focusing on detecting main ideas and details) we set up one final mission for our 6th graders.  Students are tasked with several activities researching one particular US spy.  When they complete the activities accurately, their final mission is to make it through the spy lab working as a team and following directions, all while avoiding the lasers.  It is a fun way to test their skills and complete the unit! 

December Leaders of the Month

During our Wing Assemblies on Friday, January 6th, we celebrated our December Leaders of the Month.  

This month we reviewed how students can "leave their mark" in all areas of the building.  Check out the PBIS page for the complete matrix.

Making good choices.

Acting kindly.

Respecting others and yourself.

Keep being your best.

AM Kindergarten 

Kekeli Anim, Miss Myers

PM Kindergarten

Xander Heinlein, Miss Rivera

Grade 1

Nora Bradley, Miss Suter

Grade 2

Molly Walters, Mrs. Rook

Grade 3 - 

Noah Rachor, Mrs. Bittenbender

Sophie Choi, Mr. Brighter

Grade 4

Liam Alamos, Miss Gaston

Grade 5 

Moo Soe, Mrs. Martin

Grade 6

Natalie Brown, Mrs. Bock

Winter Concert Assembly

Today our 5th and 6th Grade Chorus, directed by Mrs. Ashley Brubaker, shared three festive songs with us.

Mentors Making Gingerbread Houses

Yesterday 20+ mentors met with students after school to build gingerbread houses.  Candy and icing...what could be better?  Hopefully you are enjoying the special moments of the season.

5th Grade Math Scores Above District Average

On Friday, 5th grade enjoyed a pizza party to celebrate their achievement of scoring above 85% on their Module 2 Math tests.

November Leaders of the Month

During our Wing Assemblies today we celebrated our November Leaders of the Month.  Each month we also review behavior expectations.  This month we talked about appropriate behavior in the bathroom and when exiting the building.  Just a reminder that students are not permitted to chew gum in school or on the bus. 

Kayla Yang

Kindergarten - Miss Rivera (AM) 

Cordelia Jones

Kindergarten - Miss Myer(PM)

James Gerlach

1st Grade - Mrs. Hufford

Prajna Gautam

Second Grade - Mrs. Baione

Ella Mentzer

3rd Grade - Ms. Gilbert

Elijah Negash

4th Grade - Mr. Showalter

Lianna Perez Romero

5th Grade - Mr. Ballard

Mi Chlon Htaw

5th Grade - Mr. Ayer (Phys. Ed)

Lexie Hanna 

6th Grade - Mr. Shope

2nd Grade Thanksgiving Feast

On Friday, 2nd grade classes celebrated Thanksgiving early with an incredible feast.  Thank you to all the parents who contributed tasty treats and those who came to serve the students.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

School-Wide Dance Party on Friday

After working hard to improve our bus behavior this month, students celebrated with a Dance Party.  DJ Bright rocked the house (or at least the gym!) with tunes that got the students and staff moving!

October Leaders of the Month

During our Wing Assemblies today we celebrated our October Leaders of the Month.  We also talked about Leaving our Mark by being respectful of ourselves and others in all settings at school.  Students have been challenged to earn Leader Tickets this month to earn a ticket to our Awesome Activity Day on December 23rd. 

Congratulations to these Student Leaders!

Kindergarten - Aliana Valdez Feliz, Miss Myer (AM) and Lucy Haberman, Miss Rivera (PM)

First Grade - Houston Keener, Mrs. Adams

Second Grade - Darian Pavlick, Mrs. Devenburgh

Third Grade - Tristan Dixon and London Keener, Mrs. Smith

Fourth Grade - Cortlyn Gerlach, Mrs. Groff

Fifth Grade - Jennison Berlet, Mr. Plumbo

Sixth Grade - Ethan Byers, Mrs. Tercha and Janelle Rojas, Mr. Shope (Art)

Ag in the Classroom Visits

Penn Manor FFA students came to share their animals and knowledge with our third grade students on November 14, 15, 16.  What a great opportunity for our students to see potential opportunities in the agricultural field.  These students raise and show their animals at the Solanco and Lampeter Fairs each fall as well as participating in other events through out the year.


Today we celebrated Veteran's Day.  

5th grade hosted 12 Veterans for breakfast.  

The Veteran's shared their experiences with the students.  

4th grade learned about the Marine Corp from Mr. Howe, who served from 94-98. 

To all who have served, we thank YOU for your service.

Hambright Mentor Program

Students are matched with a staff member who has volunteered to act as a source of encouragement throughout the year. We feel that children benefit from having a positive supportive adult in the school setting that can hopefully stay in touch with them throughout their elementary years and hope that the relationship will lead to increased self-confidence in both social and academic areas. There are also four after school events in which the student and teacher work one on one during an activity to build trust and strengthen the relationship. 


Students K-6 raised a total of $5202.15!

Here are the point results for each grade level for pennies and dollars minus the silver coins.

7th place - 5th Grade

6th place - 1st Grade

5th place - 2nd Grade

4th place - 3rd Grade

3rd place - 4th Grade

2nd place - Kindergarten

1st place - 6th Grade

September Leaders of the Month

These students come to school ready to learn.  They are kind, respectful and work hard to include others. 

Congratulations to these Student Leaders!

Kindergarten - Joshua Getenya, Miss Rivera

First Grade - Violet Underhill, Mrs. Appel

Second Grade - Emma Willis, Mrs. Hoke

Third Grade - Micah Breneman, Mrs. Bittenbender

Fourth Grade - Raymon Ghimire, Mrs. Harnish

Fifth Grade - Jesus Navarro Blanton, Mrs. Martin and Oliva Tejada, Mr. Ayer

Sixth Grade - Rebecca Beideman, Mrs. Miller


On Friday, October 14th Ms. Gilbert's 3rd grade class celebrated White Cane Safety Day.  National White Cane Safety Day on October 15th annually celebrates the achievements of people who are blind or visually impaired. The day marks the importance of recognizing the white cane. The white cane is not only a tool. It also represents the independence of those who are blind worldwide. 

Bus Driver Appreciation Breakfast


Today some of our teachers and students honored our bus drivers with breakfast.  It was a great opportunity for everyone to sit together and connect.  We appreciate all of our bus drivers!

Apple Day at Hambright

Our kindergarten students had a wonderful day on Wednesday, September 28,  for Apple Day.

Thanks to everone for a great Meet the Teacher Night

A huge thank you to everyone for making our Meet the Teacher Night one of the best ever.  I don't know that we ever had more families show up.  It was great to see everyone back in the building.

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