December Leaders of the Month

Summer Bowers

Tr. Soto, AM Kindergarten

Kelsea Subedi

Miss Rivera, PM Kindergarten

Xander Heinlein

Miss Suter, 1st Grade

Cordelia Jones

Mrs. Adams, 1st Grade

Jonathan Gonzalez

Mrs. Wigerman/Mrs. Adair, 

2nd Grade

Kellan Sweigart

Mrs. Hoke, 2nd Grade

Brandon Bowers

Mrs. Rook, 2nd Grade

Jade Nissley

Mr. Brighter, 3rd Grade

Cameron Livingston

Ms. Gilbert, 3rd Grade

Marc Schlegel

Miss Gaston, 4th Grade

Aditya Neopaney

Mr. Showalter, 4th Grade

Kyrsten Spittler

Mr. Plumbo, 5th Grade

Juelz Sanchez

Mrs. Martin, 5th Grade

Joe Martinez

Mrs. Bock, 6th Grade 

Izabella Torres

Mr. Shope, 6th Grade

November Leaders of the Month

Fraddi Martinez Paredes, Tr. Soto

Paxtyn Newswanger, Miss Rivera

Mateo Perez Camacho, Lauren Myer

Kayla Yang, Mrs. Appel

Johanan Tegegne, Mrs. Adair

Genevieve Richards, Mrs. Devenburgh

Darian Pavlick, Mrs. Bittenbender

Samiyah Murray, Mrs. Smith

London Keener, Mrs. Groff

Emily Byers, Mr. Showalter

Astrin Magar, Mr. Ayer

Victoria Morales, Mr. Ballard

Zah'vai Wallace, Mrs. Zeamer

Lianna Perez Romero, Mr. Shope

Molly Walters, Mr. Hite

Hambright October Leaders of the Month

Tsultrim Gurung

Kindergarten, Tr. Soto

Lincoln Wingenroth

Kindergarten, Miss Rivera

Camila Castro

Grade 1, Mrs. Adams

Amen Haile

Grade 1, Miss Suter

Damon Upchurch

Grade 2, Mrs. Rook

Ruby Dahal

Grade 2, Mrs. Hoke

Jacob Skethway

Grade 3, Mr. Brighter

Eleanor Thompson

Grade 3, Mrs. Hufford/Ms. Gilbert

Cruz Baena

Grade 4, Mrs. Harnish

Nalaya Hunter

Grade 4,  Miss Gaston

Jaiden Diaz Bailey

Grade 5, Mr. Plumbo

Celia Domanico

Grade 5, Mrs. Martin

Nailah Jones

Grade 5,  Mr. Ayer

Sophia Leon

Grade 6, Mrs. Bock

Dillon Walters

Grade 6, Mr. Shope

Good Things Are Happening

100 Mark Prize - Lunch with the Principals

JJ teaching Julius how to type and read Braille.

The joy of PE!

Mr. Howe sharing his Marine journey with 4th Graders.

Making a Difference....

One Cookie at a Time

Mentors and stuedents made cookie jar recipes to share with their families.  Mrs. Torbert gave a tour of the inner-workings of the cafeteria too!

Ag in the Classroom 

Penn Manor High School FFA students shared their projects and agriculture knowledge with our thrid grade students.

We love our AST Teachers!!!

Mrs. Peart's group sharing a story with the class.

Mrs. Byer's students sharing the writing from scrolls.

Mrs. Yoder working with her students on reading a decodable text.

6th Grade Field Trip

Lancaster County Park

Students participated in team building games, a stream study and dissected owl pellets. 

Hambright September Leaders of the Month


Krisha Uprety

Teacher Soto


Lily Billman

Miss Rivera

1st Grade

Logan Probst-Becker Mrs. Appel

1st Grade

Lucy Haberman

Miss Myer

2nd Grade

Destin Nguyen

Mrs. Devenburgh

2nd Grade

Brynn Reinhart

Mrs. Adair

3rd Grade

Ella Myers

Mrs. Bittenbender

3rd Grade

Molly Walters

Mrs. Smith

4th Grade

Mahlet Molla

Mrs. Groff

4th Grade

Jessica Mishra

Mrs. Harnish

5th Grade

Abigail Davis

Mr. Ayer

5th Grade

Raymon Ghimire

Mr. Ballard


Hailey Enterline

Mr. Plumbo

6th Grade

Eileen Peachey

Mrs. Miller

6th Grade

Jonas Carbaugh

Mrs. Bock

Off to a Great Start!

We are four weeks into the school year and students are busy learning, building relationships and having fun!  Hambright is a great place to be!