Principal’s Message


Principal’s Message

Dear Hambright Students, Families, and Friends,

Welcome to the Hambright Elementary School Home Page. This home page and its related sites is only one of the many ways you can become better acquainted with our school and the opportunities available to the students of Hambright. Our instructional staff consists of extremely talented individuals dedicated to the educational process and success of all students. At Hambright Elementary, the entire staff is committed to ensuring a safe, secure environment in which to learn. I am fortunate to be part of such a wonderful group of people.

In addition to our core course offerings, students at Hambright are exposed to music, art, library instruction, and physical education. Other services available to students include guidance counselor services, gifted education, learning support, student council, and instrumental and chorus opportunities.

The use of technology as a teaching tool has become a large part of our educational program. Every classroom is able to access the Internet as well as use electronic mail. Our faculty regularly updates their technology skills and knowledge in order to enhance the learning of their students.

Hambright Elementary is fortunate to have a very active and supportive Parent Teacher Organization. The P.T.O. provides the continued support and resources that enable us to enhance the educational process. Parent Volunteers are active in the classrooms within our building to work with their own children as well as other children. I strongly encourage you to be an active participant in your child’s education.

Thank you for visiting our home page via the Internet. We are very proud of our learning community, and invite you to come visit us in person. Please call with any questions or suggestions at (717) 872-9503.


Eric Howe