Listening To Reading Resources

Online Resources
free audio books
interactive audio books (grades k-6)
early literacy website
free audio stories (each story has a 1-2 minute intro. before the story is read)
National Geographic Magazine articles (for kindergarten and first grade)
free audio books and stories
collection of Howard B. Wigglebottom books
Stories are read aloud as pictures from the text are shown. This does not show the actual text. (primary )
This shows pictures and words as the story is read aloud. Words are highlighted as they are read. (primary)
Shows pictures and words for each story. (primary)
Can be for listening and reading comprehension (grades 1-5)
Over 900 sites for free ebooks (grades k-6)
Stories about myths and legends (grades 3-6)
Available for CM, Martic, Conestoga, and Letort (see librarian)
Username: schoolnamehome (ex: martichome)
Password: ebooks (for all buildings)
Non-fiction books students can listen to and read (grades 2-5)