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  1. Christien Steele says:

    Good Morning!

    My son Jack is currently a student at Pequea Elem. We will be moving to Hambright after settlement on our house which will be somewhere around October/November. Do you offer any before school care at Hambright? Would it be best for me to come into to the office once he is ready to move schools to get him enrolled?

    Thank you,

  2. ortizm says:

    Good Morning Ms. Steele,
    At Hambright we have have the YWCA before and after school program. We also have families who take their kids to Bright Start Academy and Kindercare. Both Brightstart and Kindercare transport the students to Hambright for the start of the school day and also provide after school care and transportation.

    YWCA – 717-393-1735 ext. 265
    Bright Start – 717-397-5288
    KinderCare – 717-898-8426

    I hope this was helpful information. If you have any further questions, feel free to call me at 717-872-9503 ext. 3751

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