Back to School Night 2021

Welcome to Hambright’s Virtual Back to School Night page!

Building Tour – Click on the video below to watch our Hambright Building Tour.

Find the name of your students’ teachers below. Click on the link beside their names to watch their back to school night videos.

Grade or Dept.TeacherVideo Link
KMrs. Kyper
KMiss Rivera
1stMrs. Appel
1stMs. Jagroo
1stMiss Suter
1stMrs. Adams
2ndMrs. Adair
2ndMrs. Hoke
2ndMrs. Rook
2ndMr. Shope
3rdMrs. Bittenbender
3rdMr. Brighter
3rdMs. Gilbert
3rdMrs. Smith
4thMrs. Harnish
4thMr. Showalter
4thMrs. Groff
4thMiss Gaston
5thMr. Ayer
5thMr. Ballard
5thMrs. Martin
5thMr. Plumbo
6thMrs. Bock
6thMiss Pruitt
6thMrs. Roth Walter
6thMrs. Tercha
Applied EngineeringMr. Andrew
ArtMrs. Wigerman
Academic SupportMrs. Kreider
Academic SupportMrs. Finger
Academic SupportMrs. Yoder
Academic SupportMrs. Rowley & Mrs. Wall
CounselingMrs. Hinkle
Emotional SupportMiss Berkenstock
Emotional SupportMr. Schuck
ESLMs. Cox
ESLMrs. McKillips
LibraryMs. Painter
Learning SupportMiss Miller
Learning SupportMrs. Wagner
MusicMrs. Brubaker
Phys. EdMr. Hite
Speech-LanguageMrs. Sigman