Back to School Night 2020

Welcome to Hambright’s Virtual Back to School Night page!

Unfortunately, we are not able to invite you into the building at this time, but you are able to watch this virtual tour to get a sense of how things have changed and remained the same at Hambright. Please view the virtual tour by clicking below:

As you saw in the virtual tour, mask wearing is a significant change at Hambright this year. During the first week of school, Hambright students watched the following video about mask wearing. Please feel free to view the video to see how we “use” masks here at Hambright.

Please find your student’s teacher(s) below; click on the name to watch his/her recorded message. After viewing the video, please contact your student’s teacher(s) directly if you wish to schedule a follow-up appointment.


Ms. Kyper –

Miss Rivera –

First Grade

Mrs. Adams –

Mrs. Appel –

Ms. Jagroo –

Mrs. Smith –

Second Grade

Mrs. Adair –

Mrs. Hoke –

Mrs. Rook –

Mr. Shope –

Third Grade

Mrs. Bittenbender –

Mr. Brighter –

Miss Gaston –

Mrs. Smith –

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Groff –

Mrs. Rios –

Mr. Showalter –

Fifth Grade

Mr. Ayer –

Mr. Ballard –

Mrs. Harnish –

Mrs. Martin –

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Bock –

Mrs. Pruitt –

Mrs. Roth Walter –

Mrs. Tercha –


Mrs. Barnett – Physical Education –

Mrs. Brubaker – Music –

Ms. High – Art –

Ms. Painter – Library Instruction –

Academic Support

Mrs. Finger –

Mrs. Kreider –

Mrs. Rowley –

Mrs. Wall –

Learning Support

Miss Beard –

Miss Miller –

Speech & Language Services

Mrs. Sigman –

Gifted Services

Mrs. D’Amico –

Emotional Support Services

Mr. Schuck –

Ms. Stepanchick –

ESL Services

Mrs. McKillips –