The Summer Reading Challenge is here!

The Hambright Summer Reading Challenge 2019 starts now! Bright orange papers are included in report card envelopes.

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Important PTO Parent Survey

Hello Parent/Guardians,
Did you know there are approximately 600 students in our school? That means there are more than 600 parents/guardians!
Although the PTO officers and approximately 15 to 20 parents that come to PTO meetings work hard to make decisions on communication and activities that are held through the PTO, we are only a small representation of the parents and families at Hambright. Below is a link to a brief survey that we hope you will complete to give your leaders some suggestions for PTO communication and activities next year. This is NOT a volunteer survey.

Please DON’T WAIT to complete the survey.  Complete it at your earliest possible convenience to ensure we have time to analyze the results of all surveys prior to our August meeting.

Thank you!

The PTO Board

Yearbook Announcement

If you ordered a 2018-2019 yearbook, your child should have received one last week! If you are still interested in purchasing a yearbook, we have a limited amount available on a first-come, first-serve basis for $15 cash.  You can visit the school secretary in the Hambright office to trade your $15 cash for a yearbook if there are still any available. Email with any inquiries.

Here is some unique information about this year’s yearbook!

HP Reveal is an app that allows you to bring pictures to life. You will see pictures in your yearbook with a navy blue border around them (ex. page 12–Sixth Graders Have Voted—Most Likely to Break Out in a Dance). You will be able to place your phone over the picture to reveal a video!

Directions to Set-Up HP Reveal:

Go to your App Store on your cell phone or device (i.e. Google Play).

Search for “HP Reveal,” click “Install,” and click “Open.”

Click the blue button that says, “Create an Account.”

Type your email address, and click “Next.”

Create a username and password.

Click “Create Account” and/or “Join” if prompted.

Type “HambrightLeaders” in the search bar.
Select “HambrightLeaders’s Public Auras,” and click “Follow.” 

Close the app.

Directions to Use HP Reveal Anytime:

Go into your HP Reveal App.

Click the blue button at the bottom that looks like a square.
Find pictures with navy blue borders in your yearbook.

Hold your phone over each picture to view the associated videos.
The 2018-2019 yearbook cover was inspired by the phrase, “Words to Live By.” As leaders at Hambright, the 6th graders were given the individual task of choosing one characteristic that embodies who they are and/or who they strive to be. As you can see on your yearbook cover and the principal’s message page, the words they chose are splashed all over as an expression of the legacies they want to leave behind and/or their future aspirations as they spring forward into a new chapter of their lives in middle school. Thank you to Mrs. Wigerman for assisting the 6th graders in this special yearbook creation!

Reminder for Final TWO Special Dress Days

It’s no secret that we are all ready for summer! As planned previously this year by the 6th grade PTO Leader Committee, Tuesday, June 4th is our Ham”BRIGHT” Beach Dress Day! Although the children CANNOT come in their swim suits, they can come dressed in “fun in the sun” type clothing! Some Hawaiian shirts or appropriate tanks, shorts, and sandals might be comfortable! How about wearing sunglasses or a fun beach hat to top it off?
Additionally, on June 5th, don’t forget to come in your Hambright leader t-shirts or Penn Manor spirit wear!