Virtual Coding Camp for students entering 5th or 6th grade

This summer Penn Manor will be offering a Virtual Coding Camp for students in 5th or 6th grade during the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Students will have an initial online meeting with Mrs. Keller or Mrs. Foster in June.
  • They will join a CSFirst classroom online to receive coding instructions and access to Google’s CSFirst coding videos.
  • After the initial CSFirst sessions, students will be able to navigate the self-paced lessons to create fun engaging coding projects.
  • Click on the link to complete a form if you are interested in participating. 
  • Internet is required.  This camp is available to Penn Manor students at no cost.

Yearbook Pick-Up for Grades K through 5

If you ordered a yearbook, yearbooks will be available for pick-up at a predetermined location (not Hambright) and time slot the week of June 1st. Please look for an email from with Subject Line: Yearbook Distribution for specific information regarding your pick-up.

If you did not order a yearbook and are still interested in doing so, please contact the PTO directly at to make arrangements. We have extras that can be purchased for $15.

Message to the Hambright sixth grade class

Hambright 6th Grade Class of 2020 & Future Class of 2026,

As you move on to middle school, take our messages with you and remember what it means to be a Hambright leader!

Interested in a study buddy over the summer?

This spring Penn Manor & Millersville University began a Study Buddy Program. Millersville students & Penn Manor families have expressed interest in continuing this program over the summer. GREAT NEWS! More families now have the opportunity to become part of the program.

While there will not be the traditional, school year academics, Millersville buddies are happy to help with specific areas of educational need.  For example: multiplication tables, spelling words, reading/writing, even telling time, are skills we can continue to work on throughout the summer.  In lieu of the academic piece during the school year, are there any additional subjects, hobbies, and/or extracurriculars that you would like the Buddies to (remotely) meet about?  For example: maybe a specific sport, type of art, music, video games, etc.

Click here to complete the form which will get you matched with a Millersville Study Buddy. Additional specifics can be found on the form.

Did you see…this program was featured in the May 20th edition of the Merchandiser/Advertiser!  The article was titled, “MU Supports PM’s Transition to Online Learning.”  Millersville students strive to share compassion and contribute to public mission while we all navigate these challenging times.