PTO Elections – Important Update

Hello, Hambright Parents!
The end of the school year is in sight! As you may know, our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is required to hold yearly elections according to our by-laws.  Furthermore, we are required to announce the election process in March and post notice by the April PTO meeting regarding the nominees.  Please allow this message as well as a paper copy being sent home this week to serve as our announcement! Our nominations and voting will take place during the April 8th PTO meeting as it is the last meeting of the school year.
The juxtaposition of current officers for the 2018-2019 school year and known nominees for the 2019-2020 school year is as follows:
Current Treasurer: Michele Ericson-Stern2019-2020: POSITION OPENING–Nominee(s): Jill Baldwin
Current President: Shawna Ciampanelli2019-2020 Nominee(s): Shawna CiampanelliPOSITION OPENING for Co-President–Nominee(s): Laura Chehi
Current Co-Vice Presidents: Amanda McComsey and Joel Denlinger2019-2020 Co-Nominee(s): Amanda McComsey and Joel Denlinger
Current Co-Secretaries: Heather Hufford and Jamie Gerlach2019-2020 Nominee(s): Jamie GerlachDELETING CO-POSITION
To summarize the above, we are looking to fill the office of treasurer and a co-presidency for the 2019-2020 school year. Although these are the positions we are looking to fill, any parent or guardian of a student who will attend Hambright next year can be a nominee for ANY of the board positions: president or co-president, vice president or co-vice president, secretary, or treasurer. If you are interested in being a nominee for ANY of the board positions, please contact me via email by the April 8th PTO meeting (  If there is only one nominee for a particular office, our by-laws state that no election of that office will be needed. Please note: All PTO positions are voluntary and unpaid.

Lastly, you can see in the juxtaposition above that we will be giving Michele Ericson-Stern and Heather Hufford our best as they step out of their PTO roles and look forward to other opportunities ahead.  I know you will join me in thanking them for their stellar service to Hambright parents, staff, and students!
Thank you!Shawna Ciampanelli, PTO President, on behalf of the PTO Board

March Box Top collection is here!

March Box Top collection is here! For this month, please have your Box Tops in by this TUESDAY, March 26th!
The collection will be happening very early on Wednesday morning, so if box tops are not in by Tuesday, it is likely that any box tops sent in Wednesday will not be counted for this month toward incentives.
As always, please put your box tops in a bag labeled with your child’s name and teacher so that if the bag is dropped, your child’s class can still receive the points!

Decades Day ~ Friday, March 22nd

This Friday, March 22nd is Decade Dress Day! Let’s have some fun representing clothing trends and fads of other times in history! Some easy ones include high bangs, neon colors, and ankle boots for girls to represent the 80s. For boys, you might try slicked hair and jeans for a 50s greaser look. Add a leather jacket to complete the look if you have one! Do some research on other decades. Let’s see how many decades we can represent!

decades logo

Attention Bus 224 Riders

There will be a substitute bus and driver for 224 this morning. The bus is running approximately 7 to 8 minutes later than normal. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hambright Skate Night ~ A Huge Success!

Thursday, March 7th was Hambright Skate Night at the Rollerskating Castle. It was a huge success! The place was packed with Hambright students and families. It was great to see you all there!

As special thank you to everyone who brought donations for PM C.A.R.E.S. With your help, Hambright was able to made a substantial donation to help families in our community!

Donations on a table
Hambright students
Hambright students