Paperwork coming home & contact verification form reminder


At this point, you either have or will be receiving several papers from the school. All papers will be sent home with your student(s).

The paperwork includes the following:

Free and reduced lunch application reminder

Sapphire Parent Portable Account Instructions if you do not already have one

Online Excuse Note Instructions – This year we are encouraging all excuse notes to be sent through the Sapphire system.

Title I Right-to-Know Letter

Contact Verification Form

Beginning this school year, a physical, printed copy of our Contact Verification Form, which is used to update your contact information with the school district, will no longer be distributed to Penn Manor families. Instead, we ask that parents/guardians update their contact information, including current phone numbers and email addresses, through their Sapphire parent portal account. Instructions on how to update your contact information via your Sapphire parent account are available by clicking the link below.

For those parents/guardians who do not have a Sapphire parent portal account or require a hard-copy of the form, a printed Contact Verification Form will be made available upon request.