First day assignment for grade 3 – 6 students in group B

This year the first day of school is Monday, August 31st. If you are a student scheduled in group B of the hybrid model, however, you will not physically be coming to the school building until Tuesday, September 1st.

We have a short assignment for you to complete on the first official day of school (Monday, August 31st) even though you will be working from home.

After this initial day, your teachers will be providing your online assignments.

Visit the Hambright Blog at

Under the Our School heading, select Hambright Building Tour.

Watch the Hambright Building Tour so that you know what to expect when returning to the building.

Next, go to the Our School tab again and select Meet the Teachers.

Watch the video for your grade level to find out more about your teacher(s).

Write three things in complete sentences that you are looking forward to this year. This should be based on watching the building tour and your grade level video.

Come on Tuesday ready to share your ideas.

We can’t wait see you!