Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Information

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) Back-To-School Newsletter and Volunteer Info
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Please fill-out this BRIEF survey that will allow us to find an opportunity for you to help that suits your strengths, interests, and time limits. Please fill this out even if you already filled one out last year! We will not assume you want to volunteer again this year. Additionally, not only have some things changed on the organization’s end as for needs, but also many individuals’ availabilities and such have changed! We will use your answers to the survey as a starting point when we contact you personally.

If you fill out the survey using the link above before October 2nd, you will be entered to win a FREE GIFT CARD. A name will be drawn at the November PTO meeting for the winner!

Certain volunteer opportunities within the school in general as well as through the PTO REQUIRE individuals to go through the district approval process.  We recommend that you go through this process now if you already haven’t as it affords you more opportunities to be involved and it can take several weeks to be approved once your documents are turned in. Please visit the link below for instructions and forms for completing this process.

As always, if you have specific questions, please email your PTO Officers at
Thank you!