Introducing Sawyer

Parents/Guardians and Students, 

During the 2019 – 2020 school year, students and staff at Hambright Elementary School will have the opportunity to interact with the school’s facility dog, Sawyer.  The job of a facility dog is to support the mental health of students and provide social benefits that are unique to interactions with animals.  

Sawyer is a two-year-old labradoodle.  He has been trained through United Disabilities Service (UDS) and spends his evenings with our assistant principal, Dr. Mealy, and her family.  Sawyer goes to school, just like our students, to refresh his training. He loves to listen to kids read, cuddle on your lap, and especially have friends scratch his belly.

We could not have started this exciting new venture without support from the Penn Manor Education Foundation (PMEF) who provided the funds to purchase Sawyer from UDS.  Additionally, Manor Animal Hospital on Stonemill Road will be providing free routine veterinary care.  

We are ready for another successful year at Hambright and are happy that Sawyer is part of our team.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the presence of a facility dog in our school, please contact Dr. Melissa Mealy at (717) 872-9503 ext. 3737.

Note: Students are by no means required to interact with Sawyer. He respects the space of those who do not wish to interact with him for various reasons. Sawyer is a hypoallergenic dog. He is bathed and groomed regularly.

Picture of Sawyer