Simple Ways to Help Hambright – PTO Message

Box Tops
It is time to start collecting Box Top labels! We need your help to collect lots of Box Tops! When your family purchases household items with the Box Top label, cut them out and collect them in a plastic bag. Have your child bring them to school each month and place them in their classroom bin. This is a win-win! Hambright will receive free money for the Art and Music programs, AND your child’s classroom could win the Box Top Trophy as well as other prizes!
These are whole class incentives this year for the following amount of Box Tops:
200 Box tops- No Homework pass
400 box tops- Free Slushy coupon
700 box tops- 15 min extra recess
1,000 box tops- donuts in class
* highest classroom of the year will receive a end of the year pizza party.*
If you haven’t been able to sign-up already, please consider using your GIANT bonus card to sign-up for the GIANT A+ Rewards program to earn cash for our school. If you signed-up last year to benefit Hambright, you no longer have to sign-up again.
If you didn’t sign-up last year, please follow these steps to help our school!
2) Sign in or create an account with your bonus
card #.
3) Go to My Account, Manage Account, Rewards &
4) Enter our school ID# 22016 for the A+ Rewards.
5) Use your bonus card when shopping at GIANT
September 7, 2018 through March 16, 2019.
*Sign-up does NOT affect your bonus point rewards.
Thank you for helping in these simple ways from home!