Meet the Teacher Night and New Pickup Procedures

Meet the Teacher Night will be held on August 29th from 4 to 6pm. The book fair will also be taking place in the library at that time. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

This week each student will be receiving a placard or sign with he/her name on it. If you are picking your child up from school, the sign should be visibly displayed in your car window.  If the sign is not displayed, you will be asked to come to the office and show photo id before your student is able to leave the building.  Only individuals on the emergency contact list are permitted to pick up a student without notifying the office. Additionally, if you are picking your student up at the end of the day, the office must know. A note can be provided indicating that your student will be picked up indefinitely or on certainly days for the entire school year. If you have questions, please call that Hambright office at (717) 872-9503.

Important information sign