Lock-Down Drill

Today Hambright Elementary School practiced a lock-down drill.  The following was read to the students and staff for our drill:

“Today we are going to be practicing our lock-down drill.  This is a reminder that it is just a drill to help us in the event of an emergency.  In the event of a real emergency it is important that you are quiet so you and your teachers can listen to any directions that are being given.  Because we never know what emergency situation may occur we are going to be practicing different scenarios throughout the year.  Today we are going to practice securing our classrooms.  Remember this is just a drill, but it is very important that you listen to your teachers and directions as quietly as possible.  At this time please lock-down the building.”

Teachers made sure their classroom doors were locked and students were moved away from windows.  We take the safety and security of our school very seriously and we wanted to make you aware of how we do that here at Hambright.  Thank you for allowing us to teach your children.