Race For Education

Friday (January 29) your student came home with our Race for Education packets.  Please read carefully.  This is our largest fundraiser and allows us to limit fundraisers for our Hambright families.  Not only has it been profitable for our school, it also allows our students to be involved.  The money raised goes directly to the students and is used for field trips, fun nights, etc.  This year if we reach our goal of $13,000 each student will receive a pair of sunglasses on Race day as well as a surprise “cool” treat!  Labels are due on February 29th!  If you have any questions you can contact Tracy Stevens at jtstevens5@comcast.net


***Take note this year you will ONLY need to send in the label sheet.  There is no “green- refers to” sheet.  This was adapted to make it easier for parents!!


Let’s make this a “HOT, HOT, HOT” Race for Education 2016!!!


Race for Education Logo COLOR (3)