Hambright Chicken BBQ

Chicken BBQ Flyer

We welcome all of you to enjoy our Chicken BBQ on April 26th. All proceeds will go toward continuing Hambright’s staff Leader in Me training. This training focuses on interweaving Stephen Covey’s, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People into the culture of our school. The flyer is attached. If interested, please send payment to Hambright office.

Additionally, we are having a closing house ceremony from 12-2 on the 26th. With this being the last year in this building, we are inviting any former Hambright student to peruse their old stomping grounds. We will be opening a time capsule from 1991 at 1:45 in the courtyard as well as sharing some closing remarks.

Click the link below to print and fill out your form.

Hambright Chicken BBQ flyer