Seussical playing at the High School

SEUSSICAL – Penn Manor HS – Ticket Order Form
Based on many Dr. Seuss’s children’s books, Seussical really makes your imagination come to life!
In this magical and adventurous show the Cat in the Hat will take you on a journey through the jungle of Nool with Horton the Elephant, all the way down into Whoville with Jojo! On your journey Horton will be faced with the challenges of guarding Mayzie’s egg and saving the Whos from the Sour Kangaroo and the rest of the jungle creatures. All while Gertrude is just trying to fit in and capture Horton’s heart.

“Oh the things you can think,” if you come see Seussical and “just how lucky you are” to share in the fun! Be sure to reserve seats in advance with this form – as the Sour Kangaroo would say, you just may be “the biggest blame fool,” if you don’t come out to see Seussical!

All seats are reserved on a first-come basis. Anyone wishing to be seated together should order tickets on the same form, naming one person as a main contact. We will do our best to accommodate requests for seats in a specific location – you may indicate any preferences below.

Why order tickets in advance? You’ll reserve your seats – since all tickets reflect assigned seats in the auditorium. You’ll save time – by not having to wait in ticket lines on show nights. You’ll save money – tickets purchased after March 1st or at the show will cost $7 for students, and $9 for adults, so you’ll save $1 on each ticket reserved and paid for before that time.
Advance ticket orders will be processed immediately upon receipt, so the “best” seats will be reserved early. Please use a separate order for each performance. Actual tickets will be available approximately two weeks prior to performances, and can be delivered to you by a cast or crew member if you wish, or returned to a PM student. You may also opt to have your tickets held at the box office. Doors will open for seating 30
minutes prior to showtime.

Questions? Please contact Melissa Mintzer at Penn Manor HS.
Voice Mail: (717) 872-9520x 1515 Email:
SEUSSICAL – Ticket Order Form

Audience member’s name: _________________________________________________________ (one name per group)
Telephone Number: ________________________________________________________________

For Which Performance? Circle one.
March 2nd
March 3rd
March 9th
March 10th
7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm

# of Student Tickets –> _____ x $6.00 = ___________

# of Adult Tickets –> _____ x $8.00 = ___________

TOTAL DUE*: ___________

(Circle any that apply – we’ll do our best!)
Front Section Rear Section

Left Side Center Right Side
____ Hold my tickets at the box office.
(Look for the window for pick-up.)
___ Handicapped-accessible seat
___ Other needs:

____ Deliver tickets to me via this PM
student (if order received in time to do so)
STUDENT NAME:___________________________
Teacher: _________________________________
Building: _________________________________
*Payment must accompany order. If paying by check, please make it payable to
“Penn Manor Productions.” Return to Melissa Mintzer, Penn Manor HS.
Questions? By phone: 872-9520 x1515 By email: